What I Offer

These are the main areas of counselling and support that I offer.

Children and young people have feelings and emotions just like adults. But their understanding of those feelings can be completely different, so it requires a very different approach to counsel a child than an adult. Children can express themselves better through play and creative activities as well as talking, as this can be their natural medium to express themselves. It’s about anything that allows them to feel safe enough to share their feelings. Children can display all kinds of concerning behaviour when they are unhappy, such as self harm, nightmares, or withdrawal. It could be an impact from school, from the within the family, or from outside of the family. Counselling can help your child understand their feelings.
Opportunity to talk about feelings, in complete privacy without being judged or being told what to do. This level of empathy and communication helps tp create understanding around any issue that you bring, for example, trauma, depression or stress. You can work through your issues at your own pace. This is a unique relationship, outside of your day to day life. I am here to help you explore your difficulties and find better ways of coping. You may simply welcome the opportunity to express and reflect on your difficulties in a supportive environment.
Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding roles you may have ever had, yet at times can be one of the most challenging and draining roles you may have ever had! Cuts to services mean that the help that people need, is harder to find. You may have felt close to your child, but now that’s changed, perhaps due to a separation, divorce or bereavement, or even some sort of trauma, such as domestic abuse. It could be problems with sleep. Parenting support can run alongside counselling for your child, empowering you, and helping your family together.
Children don’t come with a manual! If only they did! Some counsellors will only counsel your child, or just support you. I feel that the process works best when both parent and child work together, as this work is very much about the relationship between you and your child, about finding ways to communicate. You might need help repairing your relationship, or you may have attachment issues between you, for example if something has happened, such as a trauma, which has threatened your relationship. This is an opportunity to create understanding for you both, because life will always keep throwing new challenges at you. Because once you have worked out how to work together this will enable you to deal with your issues as they come up.
The loss of a child or a very much wanted pregnancy can be both physically and emotionally painful. Yet after the physical pain has been treated, it can leave emotional scars which may take much longer to heal often leaving people feeling in a lonely and isolated place, to be in emotionally. There is no rush to look at these feelings, it is all done at your own pace. This loss may be very recent and raw, or it can be from years past. I can help you explore these emotions as you grieve for your loss.